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Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009 - 10:49 p.m.

I am now two months behind in updating. Woo! We've had a few adventures since November, including a really fun trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific and Phoebe's second birthday. Can you believe she's 2? Well, okay, so she's been exhibiting some stereotypically 2-year-old behavior since, what, last January?

In the meantime, some scenes from life with the Doodle and Bubble:

Naming the Moon
Daphne has been learning about the solar system in school lately. She was telling me about Saturn, and I told her Saturn has a lot of moons and that one of them is named Phoebe. "Saturn has a whole bunch, but Earth has only one moon." I reminded her of the photo of that moon in her sister's room.
She mulled this over for a little bit as we got into the car. And then: "Mom, what is the name of our moon?"
"I don't think we call it anything other than 'the moon.'"
"I know! How about we call the moon 'Daphne'? And then there can be a Phoebe moon and a Daphne moon!"

At some point recently, Phoebe started calling Daphne "Sister" and not by her name. She pretty much refuses to say her big sister's actual name. Maybe there are too many D names that sound similar in her life?

Holding Hands
The girls have been holding hands in the car for the past few months. One of them will ask the other for a hand, and next thing you know, there are little arms stretched across the middle console, little hands interlocked. So cute! Until one wants her hand back . . .

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